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Combining drug use with driving inexperience and risk-taking behavior can lead to disaster on the road. Nearly one in five 16-year-old drivers is involved in a collision in their first year of driving. Young people 15 to 20 years of age are involved in 14.4 percent of all fatal crashes and 18 percent of all police-reported crashes.
More than one fifth (23.3 percent) of persons aged 12 or older participated in binge drinking at least once in the 30 days prior to the survey in 2008. This translates to about 58.1 million people. The rate in 2008 is the same as the rate in 2007 (23.3 percent).
Combined 2002 to 2007 data indicate that an annual average of 8.3 percent (2.6 million) of Hispanics aged 12 or older were in need of alcohol treatment in the past year, and 3.4 percent (1.1 million) were in need of illicit drug use treatment. Among Hispanics, the need for alcohol treatment was highest among Mexicans (9.2 percent), and the need for illicit drug treatment was highest among Puerto Ricans (6.1 percent). Among those in need of alcohol treatment in the past year, 7.7 percent received it in a specialty facility, and 15.1 percent of those in need of drug treatment received it in a specialty facility.
In 2008, the number of persons aged 12 or older needing treatment for an alcohol use problem was 19.0 million (7.6 percent of the population aged 12 or older). Of these, 1.6 million (0.6 percent of the total population and 8.2 percent of the people who needed treatment for an alcohol use problem) received alcohol use treatment at a specialty facility. Thus, there were 17.4 million people who needed but did not receive treatment at a specialty facility for an alcohol use problem. None of these estimates changed significantly between 2007 and 2008 and between 2002 and 2008.

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Drug Rehab Programs For Adults Over 50

Seniors with drug addiction issues is a problem that is escalating in the United States, making drug rehab programs for the elderly of vital importance. Often lonely and without family members nearby, the elderly have a high rate of drug addiction that typically goes unnoticed and unattended to.

It is important to understand the special needs of a senior citizen before taking the step of selecting a drug rehab program. In some cases, there can be some serious problems specifically associated with addiction and senior citizens.

Drug rehab programs for the elderly are specifically designed to factor in the additional health issues that sometimes accompany seniors with long standing addiction problems entering treatment.

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Riverpark Hospital is an alcohol addiction treatment and drug treatment program that is located at 1230 6th Avenue Huntington, WV 25701.You can contact Riverpark Hospital by calling (304) 526-9111x100.
Types of ServicesAdults Over 50
Payment Structure & Forms Medicaid Assistance, Medicare Assistance, Armed Forces Insurance, Private Pay Health Insurance, Self Payments

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