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Each year, a typical young person in the United States is inundated with more than 1,000 commercials for beer and wine coolers and several thousand fictional drinking incidents on television.
In 2009, about 10.4 million persons aged 12 to 20 (27.2 percent of this age group) reported drinking alcohol in the past month. Approximately 6.9 million (18.1 percent) were binge drinkers, and 2.1 million (5.4 percent) were heavy drinkers. The rates for current, binge, and heavy alcohol use are similar to those obtained in 2008, when they were 26.4, 17.4, and 5.5 percent, respectively.
In 2009, among recent initiates aged 12 to 49, the average age of first cigarette use was 17.5 years, similar to the average in 2008 (17.4 years).
Youths aged 12 to 17 who believed their parents would strongly disapprove of their using substances were less likely to use that substance than were youths who believed their parents would somewhat disapprove or neither approve nor disapprove. For example, in 2008, past month cigarette use was reported by 6.7 percent of youths who perceived strong parental disapproval of their smoking one or more packs of cigarettes per day compared with 37.3 percent of youths who believed their parents would not strongly disapprove. Current marijuana use also was much less prevalent among youths who perceived strong parental disapproval for trying marijuana or hashish once or twice than among those who did not (4.3 vs. 29.8 percent, respectively).

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Spanish Speaking

Spanish speaking rehab centers specialize in helping people that have discovered within themselves the will to beat addiction, but are still searching for a way. The concept of a Spanish speaking drug and alcohol rehab has been around for over sixty years. The clients are usually bi-lingual in English and Spanish to some degree, but often a client comes in with very limited English. Counseling and questionnaires as well as information papers are offered in both languages, and the group sessions will use both languages as needed. Care is taken to be aware of the cultural diversity in vocabulary within both English and Spanish languages.

There are several different approaches to rehabilitation, but the common goal is to help people that are addicted to damaging substances learn to live happy being drug-free. Spanish speaking drug rehabilitation facilities are often completely bilingual and provide care in a culturally relevant setting. They service clients from all socio-economic backgrounds, and are committed to addressing issues relating to domestic violence, aftercare counseling, as well as housing and job development to allow the individual a functional place in his or her community.

Spanish and Latino family counseling is often the first step in making a genuine effort to stay free of alcohol and drugs. Therefore, participants are encouraged to maintain and protect their sobriety under specific guidelines. The program combines education with group therapy and individual counseling to help the client understand the addiction process. Spanish speaking programs teach its clients how to put an end to their addiction in order to maintain abstinence and achieve their treatment goals. Clients are also exposed to healthy life choices and taught how to apply these new choices to their lives.

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