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Typically, a heroin abuser may inject up to four times a day.
There was a significant increase in the number of past year initiates of Ecstasy between 2008 (894,000) and 2009 (1.1 million). The estimate had been 1.2 million in 2002, declined to 642,000 in 2003, and nearly doubled between 2005 (615,000) and 2009 (1.1 million). Most (66.3 percent) of the recent Ecstasy initiates in 2009 were aged 18 or older at the time they first used Ecstasy. Among past year initiates aged 12 to 49, the average age at initiation of Ecstasy in 2009 was 20.2 years, similar to the average age in 2008 (20.3 years).
In 2009, an estimated 22.5 million persons (8.9 percent of the population aged 12 or older) were classified with substance dependence or abuse in the past year based on criteria specified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM-IV). Of these, 3.2 million were classified with dependence on or abuse of both alcohol and illicit drugs, 3.9 million were dependent on or abused illicit drugs but not alcohol, and 15.4 million were dependent on or abused alcohol but not illicit drugs.
The number of persons aged 12 or older initiating use of smokeless tobacco in the past year was 1.5 million in 2009, which was not significantly different from the estimates in 2006 (1.3 million), 2007 (1.3 million), and 2008 (1.4 million). However, the estimated number of past year initiates of smokeless tobacco use in 2009 was 54 percent higher than the estimate in 2002 (951,000). About three quarters (75.6 percent) of new initiates in 2009 were male, and a little less than half (48.9 percent) were under age 18 when they first used.

Drug Rehab and treatment centers Information Westfield, Massachusetts

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Drug Rehab Programs for Gays and Lesbians

Drug rehab programs for gays and lesbians do not differ substantially from "straight" rehabs. However, in a gay/lesbian drug rehab program there is an increased awareness of the unique life stresses and experiences of members within this community. There is also a sensitivity and acceptance of sexual orientation. Gay/Lesbian drug rehabs provide specific programming that meets the needs of the unique challenges facing gays and lesbians in a drug treatment center.

The most essential factor for the recovering gay or lesbian is that he or she feels comfortable within the drug treatment environment. They need to feel that they are able to open up about their experiences and heal without fear of repercussion or discrimination from either the staff or the other participating addicts in the treatment facility. There are several views on drug rehabs specifically designed for the gay and lesbian community. One of the most common views is that gay/lesbian specific rehabs are the only truly safe place for recovery. Conversely, many others preach that since the "real world" is a mixed world, healing within a drug rehab program comprised of diverse individuals, yet in a gay aware and safe rehab center, is the better alternative.

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Arbour Substance Abuse Trt Program is an alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment program that is located at 49 Robinwood Avenue Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.You can contact Arbour Substance Abuse Trt Program by calling (617) 522-4400x204.
Types of ServicesGay and Lesbian
Payment Structure & Forms Medicaid Assistance, Medicare Assistance, Armed Forces Insurance, Private Pay Health Insurance, Self Payments

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