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The Adams County,Ohio Sheriff's Office has arrested six suspects in relation to two separate alleged meth labs over the past week.

The Adams County,Ohio Sheriff's Office has arrested six suspects in relation to two separate alleged meth labs over the past week.

According to ACSO Detective Richard DeMint, both labs contained extremely dangerous materials used in the production of methamphetamine.

On Tuesday, April 22, DeMint said officers serving a probation retainer in Peebles discovered two men with a meth lab in a camper. Deputies attempted to locate David Errington at the residence of George Abbot on Steam Furnace Road to serve the probation detainer, but Abbot told officers that Errington was not at the location, DeMint said. When Abbot gave deputies permission to look over the premises, "we found David Errington and Danny Hammonds inside a camper on the property with an active meth lab," DeMint said.

Following normal procedure, a HazMat crew was called in to clean up the alleged meth lab and all three men were arrested on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. Abbot was additionally charged with obstruction justice, DeMint said, because he initially lied to police about Errington's presence on the property.

Deputies Randy Copas and Mike Estep and Detectives DeMint and Shawn Cooley participated in the arrest and processing of the alleged lab.

In a separate incident, Deputies Don Adams and Kevin Cross responded to the Dennis Setty residence on Spurgeon Hill Road after Setty family members reported unknown persons and vehicles on the property.

"The deputies found two meth labs in two different vehicles," DeMint said. "In another vehicle, they found a tank of anhydrous along with several items used for the production of meth."

Those items included starting fluid, lithium batteries, salt, liquid fire and vinyl tubing.

Three individuals were detained and a HazMat crew was called in to process the scene.

Michael A. Conley, 23, of Manchester,Ohio was arrested and charged with illegal manufacture of methamphetamine. Shawn Renne Moon, 36, of Dayton,Ohio was arrested for illegal assembly of chemicals for the manufacture of methamphetamine. Joe E. Rose, 46, of Winchester,Ohio was arrested and charged with illegal manufacture of methamphetamine and an additional count of possession of marijuana.

All six individuals remained in Adams County,Ohio Jail as of Tuesday, April 22.

In the fight against meth, DeMint said the Sheriff's Office is thankful for the assistance of local fire departments and life squads as well as Adams County,Ohio EMA with cleaning up meth labs.

"It's a real joint effort between all the different agencies when we find a lab," said DeMint.

While he said local law enforcement has been doing all it can to track down people making meth products, DeMint said any of Adams County's,Ohio residents can help with the fight by calling in whenever suspicious activity is witnessed.

"Meth is more and more prevalent in Adams County,Ohio" said DeMint. "We want to encourage everybody to keep their eyes open and call us if they see something suspicious."

DeMint said strange, powerful odors can be a good indication of a meth lab. The odors are typically caused either by anhydrous, an extremely dangerous fertilizing agent not intended for human contact, or ether, one of the main components of starting fluid and an ingredient in meth production.

Other signs of meth production can include starting fluid cans that have been punctured, batteries that have been cut open, fire extinguisher tanks or gas grill tanks, and large collections of Sudafed pills.

Anyone suspecting a meth lab is strongly encouraged to contact the Sheriff's Office. DeMint said certain deputies are trained specifically to deal with meth lab situations. Meth labs often involve highly dangerous and explosive materials that can pose serious physical danger, and should not be taken lightly

Even the fumes from chemicals used in meth production can contaminate clothing, DeMint said. In fact, the Adams County,Ohio Jail currently refuses to take in prisoners who have been arrested at a suspected meth lab until the prisoner and all of the prisoner's clothing has been thoroughly decontaminated.