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County meth task force formed.

Group committed to combating adverse effects of drug on county.

The People's Defender

Brett M. Spencer, judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Adams County,Ohio and Alan W. Foster, judge of Adams County,Ohio Court, are pleased to announce a county-wide effort to encourage awareness of the catastrophic effects of methamphetamine.

"Without exception, methamphetamine will adversely affect the life of every user and their families," both Spencer and Foster said in a statement. "In hopes that the community will band together to recognize and solve the problem of 'crystal meth,' we have contacted community leaders, who have committed to assist in breaking the chains of methamphetamine addiction in Adams County,Ohio."

To highlight the problems of meth addiction, an arrangement has been made with LaMar Billboards, who have graciously and substantially reduced their rental rates, for two billboards which will be placed at strategic locations within the county. One billboard, on state Route 41 south, in West Union, shows the before and after photo of a typical methamphetamine user, and is captioned "Extreme Makeover: Meth Edition." The other shows a photo of a group of community leaders, demonstrating that it takes a community to solve the methamphetamine problem. It is scheduled to be placed on state Route 32 near Burnt Cabin Road sometime this week.

The hope is that these billboards will bring renewed awareness to the community, and both teachers and parents will talk to children about how easy it is to become addicted, as well as the devastation and life-long effects addiction has on lives of not only the addict, but of everyone around them. Methamphetamine is the most addictive drug readily available, and is clearly documented to be addictive from the first time it is used, even to the "casual user."