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Large meth lab found in Cherokee County,Alabama.

The largest methamphetamine lab found in Cherokee County,Alabama in two years was seized Wednesday in a raid by the county’s narcotics unit and other agencies.

Narcotics unit Commander Chas Clifton said four people were arrested and drugs, items to make the drugs and cash were seized.

Christopher Todd Spears, 46, and Angela Cochran Spears, 41, both of Leesburg,Alabama and Kevin Edward Vaughn, 32, of Floyd County, Georgia, were charged with first-degree manufacturing of methamphetamine, trafficking in methamphetamine and first-degree unlawful possession of marijuana.

Michael Dewayne King, 40, of Floyd County, Georgia, was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance for meth.

Two ounces of meth that had been manufactured were found, along with marijuana and more than $700, Clifton said.

Several thousand pseudoephedrine tablets, which are the precursor ingredient used to make meth, were found, he said.

“It took a lot of pill-buying by a lot of different people in Georgia and Alabama to get that amount of pseudoephedrine in one place,” Clifton said. He said the narcotics unit requests that residents and business owners report any suspicious purchases of products.

A hazardous materials contractor licensed to clean up meth labs was called in for cleanup.

There were enough pseudoephedrine tablets at the house to have “cooked” several more ounces of meth, Clifton said.

The actual methamphetamine at the home had a street value of about $3,000, Clifton said. He said he believes about $10,000 worth of meth could have been produced with the amount of pseudoephedrine tablets seized.

The Cherokee,Alabama narcotics unit worked with the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force; agents from Chattooga County, Georgia, assigned to the Lookout Mountain DTF; and agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“I cannot thank the surrounding agencies enough for their help here in Cherokee County,Alabama” Clifton said. “These agencies realize that we are a small unit and working with them on these types of cases makes a big difference in the deterrence of illegal drug crimes here as well as in their jurisdictions. We hope to continue our work together because criminals have no jurisdictional lines and the drug offenders who are here selling drugs are there selling drugs.”

Spears had been under investigation for about a week, Clifton said, but it was the help of other agencies that provided the information needed for the arrests.

“The folks from Chattooga County, Georgia, had just the right information at just the right time to make the case come together,” Clifton said.