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Drug Rehab and Treatment Centers Information Florida

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There are approximately 15,979,631 people that currently reside in Florida as of 2010. Drug and alcohol abuse in is a growing problem.

Alcohol Abuse in Florida

Out of the 15,979,631 people residing in Florida, 7,350,630 do not consume alcohol and 4,314,500 report that they drink alcohol once a week or less. So, 11,505,334 people in Florida do not drink at a level that would be considered unhealthy or abusive. However, 3,994,908 people in Florida drink enough alcohol on a regular basis to be considered abusers of alcohol.

Getting yourself or someone you love into an alcohol treatment center is vital to recovering from alcohol abuse. There are 75,000 alcohol related deaths each year with an annual economic cost of 184 billion dollars.

Studies on the effects of alcohol advertising on adults in the state of Florida do not show a strong connection between alcohol advertisements and alcohol consumption. However, studies on the effects of alcohol advertising consistently indicate that children in that are exposed to these types of advertisements are more likely to have a favorable attitude toward drinking alcohol and are more likely to become underage drinkers and communicate the intention to most likely drink as an adult.

Drug Abuse Statistics in

Approximately 1,502,085 people in Florida abuse some type of illegal drug.

A breakdown of this percentage shows the following:

  • 267,371 people abuse alcohol and another drug in Florida
  • 241,836 people abuse marijuana in Florida
  • 205,786 people are addicted to or abuse Heroin in Florida
  • 148,706 people smoke cocaine (crack) in Florida
  • 130,681 people use stimulants in Florida
  • 63,088 people use or abuse Opiates (not heroin), in Florida
  • 60,083 people use cocaine (e.g., cocaine powder, not crack cocaine) in Florida
  • 6,008 people in Florida abuse tranquilizers
  • 3,154 people use or abuse PCP in Florida
  • 3,004 people in Florida are addicted to or abusing sedatives
  • 1,652 people use hallucinogens such as lsd or ecstasy in Florida
  • 1,502 people in Florida abuse Inhalants
  • 7,510 people use some other type of illegal drug in the state of Florida

With such a large number of people in Florida abusing drugs or alcohol, it is critical to help these individuals get into some type of drug or alcohol treatment program. Addictionca.com provides a wide range of information on all types of drug and alcohol facilities in . If you need further information, you can call and speak to one of our registered drug counselors for assistance in finding a drug and/or alcohol treatment facility. These services are provided free of charge and the call is toll-free.

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