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Individuals seeking a Drug Rehab for a loved one with a chronic drug addiction problem should be educated on the subject of drug addiction. The following information was compiled to fulfill this need. We hope you find it helpful.

A Drug Rehab is a place where a person can get help for a drug or alcohol addiction problem. If you have made one or more attempts to stop using and have been unsuccessful in your pursuit of sobriety you should consider finding and enrolling into a drug treatment program that is right for you.' Each person that becomes addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, has his or her own circumstances that brought about their addiction. Some of the most common causes that people in rehab have given as to why they began to use a drug or alcohol are: curiosity, peer pressure, inability to correctly identify and resolve everyday problems of life, poor coping skills, lack of parental supervision, academic difficulties, low self esteem, emotional trauma, environmental factors and physical injuries. Whatever the reasons that a person develops an addiction problem, it can be a very difficult "Habit" to break. This is where a drug rehab comes into play. If a person cannot stop on their own it is time to consider a drug rehab program.

Drug addiction is defined as: a constant and unrelenting effort to obtain drugs in order to alter the feelings and perceptions of the person using them. Another facet of drug addiction is that the brain adapts to the presence of drugs and chemical changes that occur within it. Because of these chemical changes in the brain due to the constant use of drugs, an addict typically experiences tremendous difficulty when they attempt to stop using the substance that they are addicted to. Many drug and alcohol abusers experience strong impulses and cravings for some period of time after stopping use.

Another problem the addict will experience when he or she attempts to stop using drugs and/or alcohol is called, "Triggers". What are Triggers? Triggers are the psychological trip wires that stimulate the impulse to use i.e. running into the "Friends" that they use drugs with, running into their drug dealer, a parent demanding that the addict straighten up etc... All of these examples and many more are denoted as Triggers, as they can prompt a response from the addict; and for the addict that response is to obtain and use drugs.

When an addict has developed a severe addiction and drug using impulses are triggered, the addict can become completely overwhelmed with drug craving and feel helpless in their battle to stop themselves. When drug cravings are stimulated the impulse can be so powerful that even when faced with severe consequences such as, hurting their loved ones, facing a prison sentence, termination of employment, threats of being kicked out of their home, threat of divorce, risk of infectious diseases and many other negative repercussions, the addict will continue to use drugs and/or alcohol because once triggered the impulse to continue the behavior is so extreme.

Today the term drug rehab no longer carries with it a negative connotation or stigma. It is understood that many good people make the mistake of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol requiring the help of a drug rehab program to un-do the damage that has been done and begin the process of recovery. A drug rehab program is a place that provides shelter from triggers, is a drug free, supportive environment, removing the unnecessary challenges such as drug using "friends" and easy access to drugs and/or alcohol.

A person in treatment will begin to experience life again without the use of substances to get by, gradually learning how to cope with and solve the problems that must be dealt with in the game of life.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are behaviors that any individual can overcome with the help of a drug rehab program with a high success rate. Narconon has the highest documented success rate in the world today 76%. The Narconon drug rehab program utilizes the proven successful methods that have been helping people around the world, overcome drug addiction and alcoholism for over 40 years.

Our program offers a long-term residential drug rehab program that focuses on results. Our Detoxification Program treats the root cause of physical cravings for drugs through a sauna detoxification program followed by a series of comprehensive life skills courses designed to restore power of choice and put our clients back in control over their lives.

As opposed to the 3 to 28 day rehab programs with 2% to 20% success rates that saturate the addiction treatment field, our program is a time variable program; our clients advance at their own pace. In our over 40 years of experience we observed early on that not all people get better in the same amount of time, this is why our treatment program is open-ended and there is no additional cost.

Clients that enroll into our program will learn and accomplish the following: How to better confront situations, How to better control themselves, How to solve problems, Overcome living in the past, Will come to understand that they responsible for their actions, Will have the ability and willingness to make amends for the damage that they have caused to others, The ability to avoid relapse, Completely detoxify the body of all drugs and drug residuals, and Over time eliminate all physical and psychological impulses to use drugs and restore ethics, morals, responsibility and integrity.

If you or a loved one is suffering with drug addiction or alcoholism call our toll free number 1-800-405-8409 now to speak with one of our assessment counselors. A counselor will guide you every step of the way with whatever it takes to provide the help that you need.

We can help! You can overcome addiction and have a better life than you ever thought possible.

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