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Xanax is prescription tranquilizer which depresses the nervous system in a way similar to alcohol. Xanax has found its way from pharmacies to drug dealers, and is being abused by young, healthy people who want to get high. These club-hopping, twenty-something, casual "Xannie poppers" are using the drug in combination with other stimulants, from alcohol to cocaine.

Essentially, withdrawal symptoms from Xanax feel like the opposite of the therapeutic effects. Xanax withdrawal can produce especially severe withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms that are similar to those in alcohol withdrawal include jittery, shaky feelings and any of the following:

  • rapid heartbeat
  • shaky hands
  • insomnia or disturbed sleep
  • sweating
  • irritability
  • anxiety and agitation

Xanax Overdose

Used to treat many disorders from anxiety to stress, Xanax addiction results in the overuse of the drug to suppress unwanted feelings. Whether the drug is taken every night to fall asleep or continually throughout the day to remain calm, Xanax addiction progresses quickly and has become a serious health problem for many people. Xanax when abused is taken orally, chewed, crushed (then snorted like cocaine), or crushed (then dissolved in water and injected like heroin). Xanax has depressant effects on brain areas that regulate wakefulness and alertness, very similar in effect to alcohol and sedative barbiturates. Xanax enhances the action of receptors that inhibit central nervous system stimulation, and conversely, inhibit the action of receptors that stimulate the nervous system. In other words, if the nervous system were a car, these drugs help press down the brakes but make it harder to press down on the gas.

A Xanax overdose happens when you consume more Xanax than your body can safely handle. Xanax abusers are constantly flirting with drug overdose, and the difference between the high they're seeking and serious injury or death is often quite small. An overdose of Xanax, alone or after combining it with alcohol, can be fatal.

Symptoms of Xanax overdose may include...

  • confusion
  • coma
  • impaired coordination
  • sleepiness
  • slowed reaction time
  • dizziness
  • slow heart beat
  • difficulty breathing
  • difficulty walking and talking
  • an appearance of being drunk
  • unconsciousness

We can help! You can overcome addiction and have a better life than you ever thought possible.

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